My Best projects!

here you will find best projects, that i've worked on/that are mine

LibHttp - Basic http server library made in C#

OsuTitanic - An private server for old osu versions(2008-2014),
i haven't really did much in this project other than just donating pre-patched clients by me, helping in older clients(b70-b222) and helping in Client Patcher

Siurhook v2 - private internal csgo cheat, that i've made for fun but never published it and i don't plan doing that

BetacastBot - basically Tool that allows botting views,subs and comments on BetaCast

ZrdRoyale - RetroRoyale fork, where i fixed some bugs and added things that RetroRoyale didn't had and i decided that they need to be implemented

osu2007srv - osu backend emulator for versions b70-b222

BanchoSharp - osu private server for versions using HTTPS bancho(2014-current)

Streamer Life Simulator and Internet Cafe Simulator modding - as i've said, i love modding games especially unity games, the most coolest mod i've made was multiplayer for ICS